Bobbie Bradford, CPSA

Our Southern California flora is a bountiful source of inspiration; Van Gogh’s and O’Keefe’s images inspire me further.

I have used many different “grounds”, starting with archival textured matte boards, usually colored, cold press watercolor paper, archival vellum (Dura Lar ©), Art Spectrum sanded pastel paper, usually colored, and various printers’ supports.  I am very interested in creating texture, or allowing the support to create the texture, in a painterly manner.

I am a Charter member of The Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA); a founding member of D. C. 202-San Diego.  I served on the CPSA NGB as District Chapter Development Director (DCDD) from 1994 to 1999. I earned Signature Status in 1999. 

The singular act of holding the Pencil and placing lines of Color on to my Ground of choice brings me great Joy.


Eucalyptus Trunk, 15


Eucalyptus Leaves


Eucalyptus Trunk, 16


Eucalyptus Trunk, Blue


Summer Sunshine

The Final Journey


The Knight's Star